What to Look For When Buying a Best Office Chair For Neck Pain

Finding the best office chair for neck pain can be an exercise in trial and error. Because neck pain often arises as a result of poor posture, it is particularly important to select an ergonomic chair which will encourage the best possible posture whilst sitting at your desk. Ergonomically designed chairs should provide support as well as encouraging a comfortable and natural sitting position. They should also have a backrest or support and should fit your hand well enough so that you do not accidentally push it towards your throat or shoulder. Many of the ergonomic chairs on the market will automatically adjust to ensure that you find the most comfortable position as you sit, such as the tilt chairs, lumbar support armchairs, and the swivel chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Provide the Best Office Chair For Shoulder Pain

The armrests on your chair should be wide enough to allow you to fully stretch out your arms behind your back without them hitting or impeding any of your shoulders. The armrests should also be padded to avoid pressure sores from forming around your shoulder or neck. If possible, choose a chair with built in armrests but you may have to pay a little extra for this luxury. You should not need any additional padding on the seats but there are chairs which may be stiff or uncomfortable with no added padding or armrests.

Ideally, you would like the backrest to angle towards your spine and sit closer to your hips so that your thighs and buttocks are at the same level as your torso. If your back does not already tilt towards your spine then a swivel wheel allows your head to be at a slight angle, supporting the natural curve in your spine and providing a natural support for your head, ensuring that your neck does not bear the impact of the natural curve in your spine. Although the best ergonomic chairs often have built in swivel wheels, you may want to invest in a good quality height adjustable monitor which will be able to adjust the height of your seat in order to ensure that your back is supported the whole length of your body.

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