Quality Treadsman Trailers in Australia

tradesman trailers south australia

There are many manufacturers of good quality tradesman trailers in South Australia and the leading brand names are Gehl, Waring and T&R Distributors. Gehl offers an extensive range of motor homes, campervans and travel trailers suitable for every type of Australian holiday. Waring Trailers and T&R Distributors offer a number of different models and sizes of caravan trailers. The Gehl company is one of the most successful manufacturers in South Australia with many awards including the Gold Coast Highway medal. All of the trailers that Waring manufactures are made using the best materials, which make them one of the most reliable makes in Australia.


If you’re looking for a budget trailer, then the Waring Trailers T&R XP certified Trailers are manufactured to a very high standard with many features and options. These include high strength construction, modern day truck bed coating and the all important UV stabilization. The trailer is designed to work as efficiently as possible in all types of conditions. It is also well equipped with excellent modern day safety features as well as standard on board lighting.


The other main manufacturer of trailers in South Australia is T&R Distributors who has several makes to choose from including the T&R Gold Coast Tour and T&R Mainland Trailers. The T&R Gold Coast Tour Trailers is made from the finest gold Coast aluminium and are very rugged and well suited to the outback. The Gold Coast Tour Trailers come in several different options; the Hard case, Medium case, Soft case as well as the Deluxe Case. All are made to provide the best in class and safety to your travels. All are designed to provide you with years of trouble free use and enjoyment when travelling or camping.

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