Psychology in West Melbourne

Psychology in West Melbourne

Psychology in West Melbourne is one of Australia’s leading clinical research and training institutions. Established in 1963 by the University of Western Melbourne, the clinical facility at Western Melbourne deals with a wide range of psychological disorders, such as depression, learning disabilities, personality disorders, anxiety and phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and many others. The main aim of the faculty is to provide excellent, professional research and education to students and clinical practitioners alike. For both, the comprehensive services offered by the school are an ideal environment – go right here

How To Find best Psychology in West Melbourne

In addition to this, the clinical facility offers practical lessons to students, which include working in supervised research studies, training in research methodology and design, assessment, and even practicum throughout the program. The University of Western Melbourne is well known for its outstanding educational and clinical facilities; however, they are also renowned for their warm, friendly atmosphere. Students can interact freely with both fellow students and clinical faculty members, allowing them to build personal relationships that will help them throughout their study careers. This helps to forge long lasting professional connections.

The school prides itself on providing outstanding academic services to its students and clinical colleagues. For students looking forward to a successful career in clinical psychology, the school provides online learning courses that suit the needs of busy professionals. The core curriculum of the university maintains its status as one of Australia’s preeminent research universities. With regular seminars and workshops focusing on leadership, management and the challenges faced by clinical therapists, students can develop leadership skills that will serve them well into their careers. For students who wish to explore the many areas of psychology and want to apply their learning to a range of practice settings, the school also offers a multitude of course options.

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