Global Talent Stream – A Guide for Canadian Employers

Global Talent Stream is a joint venture of Canadian immigration authorities and the Federal Government of Canada. The basic function of Global Talent Stream is to sponsor international talents who may have otherwise not been able to make it in Canada under existing rules and regulations. By bringing in high quality professionals from other countries, Canada becomes a more attractive place for global talent. By introducing policies which help to attract and retain talent, Canada becomes an even better location for international workers. In turn, this helps to create more jobs and higher income levels at home for Canadians. Find Out –

Don’t Be Fooled By Global Talent Stream Canada

Global Talent Stream was introduced in July 2021. It was initially introduced as a pilot program in June. It was subsequently introduced as part of the refreshed Immigration, Border Security and citizenship Regulations which came into effect from July to August. Apart, from, CIC Global Talent Stream assists in the integration of foreign workforce in Canada through matching programs. Apart from that, it is also important to note that the applicant must meet the specific requirements set out by the GTS in order to successfully register.

One of the most important issues on which the GTS is based is the screening process. The GTS screens out those applicants who are not eligible for settlement and those who do not have the required experience and skills for the job. Moreover, the GTS is also applicable for those applicants who will become self-employed. Thus, Canadian employers find the GTS as a very important source of temporary foreign workers. They therefore need to make sure that they implement the GTS to the letter to ensure that all the requirements of the applicant are met by Canadian employers.

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