Come And Be Healed Ativerpool Digital Music Festival

Liverpool digital music festival is coming up in February and it promises to be a very special celebration. Rise, which will be taking place on the 28th and 27th February 2119. The free internet from home digital music event will showcase the fresh up and coming talent from the Liverpool City Region mainly from the ages of 18 to 24. As a response to the recent effect of Covid 19 on the Liverpool music scene, the annual event provides a stage for up and coming young artists to come together as a part of this free online musical festival.

How to Find Ativerpool Digital Music Festival?

The Liverpool digital music festival has been arranged by the charity PRS for years now. The idea of running this music festival was firstly started about a decade ago with the intention of attracting a wider range of audience to both radio and TV broadcasts from the heart of the Liverpool city region. This free online musical event has grown to become much more than just an online celebration. It has evolved into a week-long festival, held at various venues all over the city centre and surrounding areas, and then on to various hotels and community centres.

In total there are eleven venues that have been confirmed for the Liverpool digital music festival. They include The Central Liverpool Hotel and auditorium, The Academy of Music (including the Lyceum theatre), The Albert Hall, Pleasure Beach, The Theatre Royal, The Racecourse Stadium, The Pleasure Beach Hotel, Carousel Caravans & Events Centre, The Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasts, The Westport Hotel and The London Hotel. There are still more to be confirmed so stay tuned!

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