Animation Studio in Singapore

Animation studio Singapore is one of the largest animation and visual effects production companies in Asia. It was founded by Mr Lim Siow Jin in 1965 and has thus far produced the hit cartoon shows such as Dragonball Z, Family Guy, Regular Show and Tim and Eric Awesome Show. The company also produces Cardiac Kids: Rise to Power and Kung Zhu: The Wrath of Cung Shao. Animation studio also serves as a consultancy firm helping in the creation of corporate entertainment strategy and product development. Click here.

animation studio singapore

Animation Studio in Singapore

Animation studio in Singapore is located at the corner of the eastern coast of the country. It is just across the ferry from the southernmost point of the Singapore Island and just south of Jiamma Islands. It is near the shipping lanes that connect the east and west coasts. The majority of its animation staffs are from Malaysia, Japan and China. A large number of its staff’s are from China as most of them prefer to work in an environment that is culturally and linguistically closer to their motherland.

The animation studio employs more than 800 people, out of which half are full-time staffs and the rest part-time. Many of its animation artists have spent years in training to hone their skills. Apart from the animation, the animation studio also offers specialised design and visual development services. Its focus is on cartoon story development, visual arts production, animation storyboarding, computer animation and digital animation. They also offer other services such as character and story concept development, voice actor recording, storyboard implementation and production, film production and animation certification and DVD production.

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